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Our Story

Silk Sea evolved out of a personal journey.
Barb & Nat met at their local primary school. With each having two young children, small businesses, Fifo partners, yoga, love of the ocean, travel, health, nourishment and a thirst for knowledge they quickly became friends.
Natalie had a Silk clothing line she was trying to get off the ground and Barbara had her own private Hair Studio that she had been running for years. Both edging on burn out they spoke frankly about their past, present & future. How they felt about their past, how that was affecting their present and future. Something needed to change. Wanting to give their children a loving, organic and balanced childhood in this fast paced synthetic world. Allowing them to have the experiences we enjoyed as children. Building hope, wonder, calm & excitement.
 Their common goal was the pursuit of happiness. To reach that they had to ask themselves their core beliefs and values. Was it being a strong and powerful role model, most importantly showing our children how to be human, make mistakes, fall in a heap, being completely overwhelmed and feeling powerless but then picking yourself up, learning from the experience, making yourself a better person, being amazed at what you can achieve. Setting the bar too high, but you know what, getting there in the end, being successful in business, environmentally and ethically, emotionally, nurturing friendships, family and also realising it is really hard to do it on your own, being grateful for what you have and where you are, it takes a village to raise a family, life is a journey and to share that even the good and the bad, learning to nurture the soul instead of punishing it, realising that having boundaries is ok, personal growth, health and work/life balance, learning to love yourself, turning anxiety into excitement, finding out who you are & knowing that can change, being accountable, being vulnerable, being humble, enjoying achievements as well as our plans.
The importance of balance, getting a good nights sleep, doing daily yoga, reading a good book, listening to a podcast, playing good music, nourishing your body and soul, the importance of giving (paying it forward) LOVE, gardening, creating space, laughter, crying, looking inwards.
We are passionate, honest, nervous, loyal and committed.
So please join us,
Dream Big, Live in the Moment & Be Yourself.....